3XE was founded by Peter Devoy, a BSc Geography with Computing Honours Student with an IT Practitioners National Diploma in Software Development. The business grew out of an idea to create a web application which would provide developers and landowners with a tool for assessing the feasibility of a given site for a renewable energy development.

Prototyping proved it was possible to make a user-friendly web-based geographical information system but, when market research showed instabilities in the renewables markets, a decision was made to instead launch the business as one which would provide bespoke web apps.

3XE began trading in 2015 and established roots in the Tremough Innovation Centre, Cornwall in mid-February. Within only two weeks of setting up office Peter attended the National Environmental Research Council’s 2015 Envirohack event and led a team which won two awards for its web app to tackle food security issues.

Heading into 2015, 3XE is ready to maintain this level of success and work with organisations around Cornwall, the South-West and the UK to help them get the most of their spatial data.


3XE believes it is ethically correct that organisations should have control over their own data and recognises that sharing data and the code behind it can be a force for good. As a company that frequently works with environmental data 3XE also recognises the importance of operating sustainably.

The above beliefs are reflected in the company’s ethical policies:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Offer more value to third sector through less restrictive licensing.
  • Give back to the open source community wherever possible.
  • Minimise waste.