Work for & Own 3XE

Get rich quicker? Live well faster?

  • Do you like making money, apps or maps?
  • Are you entrepreneurial but value a work-life balance?
  • Do you think civically and collaboratively?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be a good fit for 3XE – our employee-owned SaaS company.

What is 3XE

3XE is a company that maximises profit and economic democracy for its employees by recursively applying the principles of horizontal ownership and management.

Where we do not have resources in-house we rely on contractors whom are offered a route to become become employee-owners, should they share our vision.

If you are familiar with the organisational structure of gaming company Valve, you might imagine the future of 3XE to look something like but with an ownership structure in which Gabe's shares are distrubuted among the employees.

3XE is a Unique and Dangerous Idea

3XE is unique because we are applying the co-operative model which has worked successfully for digital studios to a SaaS business model in which the profits can greatly exceed the labour input.

Consider the following points:

  1. The SaaS market is growing at about 19% year-on-year and monthly recurring revenue without recurring cost of sale makes SaaS companies highly profitable.
  2. Most SaaS companies have a hierarchical ownership and management structure through which the founders and investors receive the lion's share of the profits.
  3. Co-operatively, horizontally run companies typically match or out-perform their hierarchically owned counterparts.

3XE is dangerous for competitors because:

  • employee-ownership brings competitive advantage
  • horizontal management allows for more creativity in the product development process

Learn More About Economic Democracy

For examples of how modern cooperatives can work, consider watching "Can We Do It Ourselves?":


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