Work for & Own 3XE

Problem: The Benevolent Employer Paradox

One of the reasons I formed 3XE in late 2014 was to avoid a recurring bad daydream in which my middle-aged future self was working as nameless cog in a large software house churning out code for an arbitrary piece of software.

Few are happy at Initech.

The challenge with which I am now faced is how to grow 3XE into an organisation that can deliver better products without becoming the very sort of software engineering company I was trying to avoid.

Solution: Let’s get horizontal together

No, not like that. I want 3XE to be a company of brilliant people whose work and ideas are not hampered by tiers of management. Therefore, in late 2016 I will be reviewing the company structure to ensure that 3XE grows horizontally, as a collective of employee-owners. To make this work I would like to join forces with the right minds. So, if you want to work for, co-own and help grow 3XE the following attributes would be useful:

You are great at something and interested in a lot of things.
3XE specialises in creating Geographic Information Systems and as Geography is a wonderfully multidisciplinary subject. Not only does that mean there are lots of avenues for expertise but lots of opportunities for learning and sharing your own expertise. For you, the adage “if you the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room” should hold true.
You can code or are willing to learn.
3XE is a web application development company so it is especially important that during the early stages of growth everyone can contribute to shipping the next big project. Even for positions that are not focused on development programming knowledge will still be beneficial.
You have a collaborative personality.
Are you the sort of person that answers your own question on a forum if you discover the answer before anyone replies? Do you enjoy bumping ideas around in a team? And do you handle and dispense criticism with grace? In an environment without a managerial structure the ability to collaborate well is essential.


Call me on +44 (0)1326 567155 or drop me an e-mail using and I can give you more detail.