GIS Web Apps

Every day, knowingly or otherwise, millions of people engage with a geographical information system; Google Maps crowdsources live traffic data from millions of Android phones, Tinder -- the dating app which shows potential matches based on location -- reports over one billion interactions a day and, thanks to wearable tech like Fitbit, millions of exercise fans can track their fitness on a cross-platform dashboard which implements XYZ data.

After years in the hands of a specialist few, spatial data is now hitting the mainstream with a vengeance and 3XE wants to help organisations of all shapes and sizes get in on the action. Here are some reasons to choose a GIS web app from 3XE:

Integrate models into your data pipeline to get automated outputs as data changes.
Location aware
Leverage the GPS/AGPS in users’ devices for data collection.
Have data exported and summarised in a format and file type that suits your requirements.
Work on any device with a web browser, desktops, tablets and phones. Even if the device is offline.
User groups
Manage who can see, add and quality assure data.
Collect data from the users of your app.
Personalised cartography
Map design that fits your branding and the purpose of your application.
Data visualisation
Represent your data as interactive graphics which help your audience engage and indentify trends.

By commissioning a GIS web app from 3XE your scientists, employees, customers, volunteers or citizens can contribute and consume open-format spatial data across devices without a degree in the Earth Sciences. And, if you are a non-profit, we will even make the code open source.